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Are you using protection? Don’t get caught being unsafe while blowing glass.

Are you comfortable? Don’t settle for a cheap pair of glasses when we offer the one and only SPY brand! Our employees at ABR Imagery recommend SPY not only for their protection, but also for their significant level of comfort. They are built to last, protect, and look great!

Not only are SPY glasses comfortable and protective, they are by far the best looking option on the market. Check out a video of the Discord Whitewalls here:

Check out our whitewalls in store here:

All our SPY glasses come with Aura lenses:

• Shade 40, are the most cost-effective and are designed primarily for soft glass work, but we do not recommend working beyond soft glass with these lenses.

• Shade 3 lenses, most effectively used when working with colored glass as these lenses are perfect for filtering flares keeping your eyes perfect.

• Shade 5 lenses, provide the close-to-complete filtration while still allowing you to see your work. More intense than the shade 3, these lenses will ensure your eye safety.

• Shade 40s/5s are perfect for clear boro with a little bit of color, as these glasses are 2-in-1, just like a bifocal, they do not offer as much protection as the full “5” shade lenses.

• Shade 3/5, just like the 40/5, these lenses are 2-in-1 where you’re are ensured optimal filtration with the bottom 5 shade, but still have the more clear view of the 3 shade. Perfect for glass work of all varieties.

Not only do SPY glasses offer the mentioned benefits, they are also environmentally friendly. All SPY + Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) sunglasses are made with 100% biodegradable Plantate(tm) an all-natural plant polysaccharide material.

Check out all of our SPY glass options here.

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