Opals For Days, Glass For Weeks

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We at ABR Imagery believe in offering our customers the best product available. That is why we carry the Gilson line of Opals, invented by Pierre Gilson of France in 1974.

The opals undergo a yearlong laboratory process to create a picture perfect replica of a natural reoccurring opal. Considered by Gemologists to be the world’s finest laboratory grown opal, we challenge you to tell the difference between our Gilson Opals and a natural reoccurring opal, because we could not.

Check out our extensive collection here: https://www.abrimagery.com/store/index.php/shaped-opals-c-471_49?page=1&sort=2a

The color, variety, and design of our Gilson opals is extensive ranging from the rarest of black opals to the widely known white opals. Including many shapes and sizes such as heart, oval, pear, hexagon, sphere, antique, and square. Our opals will match perfectly with any pipe, pendant, necklace, or ring.

The strength of Opals will outpace the competition. Our line offers great strength under pressure, magnificent anti-chip properties, and great heat resistance. Don’t be worried about damaging the opal while creating your piece, they will take the heat.

Visit ABR Imagery to view our collection of glass and supplies that will complement your

Opal Project: https://www.abrimagery.com/store/

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