Innovative Glass Blowing Concepts

The concept is to create the glass bubble inside the birdcage so that is expands and fills the cage.  The artist originally wanted to use this design as an expression of showing confinement in life.  I imagine the birds would enjoy a weather proof house to.

glass birdcage

glass birdcage 2

Here is a unique spin on lighting concepts using simple, delicate design to create artistic lighting features for your home or business.

glass blown lights

glass blown lights 2

Following along those same lines, we see the use of multi colored glass to create a swirl effect in lighting

swirl hanging lights

swirl hanging lights 2

swirl hanging lights 3

Using the same concepts of confinement and adding light, you get the following design idea…

geometric bubble with light 2

geometric bubble with light

If you enjoy a beverage, here are some interesting takes on unique stemware and storage designs…

Known as and sold under the name “Rainmaker”

glass liquid dispenser

glass liquid dispenser 2

Nature Inspired Design

glasses with roots

nature inspired stemware

Glass ware and storage using internal organs… 🙂 The first design, the human heart, fetched upwards of $1500 to $2000 for  a set of 4.

heart wine glass

internal organ decanter

Here is a take on perpetual beverage dispensing using simple design to control airflow.

perpetual wine dispenser

perpetual wine dispenser 2

And what collection would be complete without some fun beer glasses!

upside down beer bottle glass

We hope you found some inspiration on this page for your next project.  Be sure to check out our store for all of your glass supply needs!

Image Credit: Trend Hunter