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About ASW Diamond

ASW Diamond is one of the oldest companies in the machine manufacturing industry and has been providing customers with high-tech, durable and reliable machines and cutting tools for decades. All their products are manufactured in the US at ASW Diamonds’ manufacturing plant. Since all the products are designed for heavy-duty tasks, they go through a strict checking procedure to ensure the products are not only safe to use but also efficient.

ASW Diamond Glass Tools

ASW Diamond produces glass beveling, hot glass and cold class working diamond-grinding machines, which make it easier for you to cut glass in any shape. While the products are mostly used in factories and warehouses dealing with glass products, it can also be used at home and are a perfect gift for a DIY lover. Glass cutting has never been easy but with the help of the amazing products by ASW Diamond, it is enjoyable and interesting.

ASW Diamond Machines

All their machines come with powerful built-in motors that produce enough energy to cut through glass with different sizes. It also manufactures diamond plating for nickel-plated diamond discs, pre-polishing strips, diamond half-round files, nickel-plated diamond wheels, and diamond flat files. If you are looking for diamond grinding machines that offer fine and professional cutting, you should definitely consider checking out the product line from ASW Diamond.

ASW Diamond Products

You will find state of the art grinding equipment in the ASW Diamond catalog, available at affordable prices. The products are exported to different countries around the world and are well known for their incredible performance.

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