Carlisle Machine Works Torches and Burners at ABR Imagery

Meet Mary Dougherty, 5th generation of a glass family, and President of Carlisle Machine Works.

Carlisle Machine Works is a small family owned manufacturing company located in Millville, New Jersey.

Carlisle has been manufacturing equipment to support the glass industry for over 98 years. They put their heart and soul in every piece they produce because of their passion for glass.

Carlisle manufactures a number of torches for flame workers and the glass industry.

Their introductory bench burner, the Mini CC, comes with a Crowley Marver. The Crowley Marver has a perfect tool indent, which there are other graphite tools available that will slip right in. The graphite is also replaceable, easy to remove, and reattach.

The Crowley Marver is a Carlisle manufactured item that has been designed to go on the Mini CC, and other Carlisle torches.

The next step up from the Mini CC is the Wildcat. The Wildcat was designed as a production torch that uses gas and oxygen very efficiently by creating a venturi effect that economizes your fuel and oxygen usage.

The next model in the line is the Hellcat. The Hellcat is a dual-stage torch with a centerfire that is the same size as the Mini CC. With the outer-fires on this torch, you essentially double the size of the torch. The Hellcat is Carlisle’s intermediate level torch, and is recommended for people ready to move past the entry level options.

The CC burner, which is what Carlisle is most well known for, was developed in 1955 as a joint venture between Corning and Carlisle. The CC Plus is a size bigger than the standard CC, and features a pre-mix center fire control, and the outer-fire is an additional ring larger than the CC.

The Black Widow is offered in surface-mix center fire or a pre-mix center fire configurations so you have a couple different options. The one being featured also has an articulated stand, so you can raise or lower, tilt forward and back, and is easier to stand behind. The articulated base can be added to several of Carlisle’s larger torch models.

In the 1990’s, Carlisle decided to name their torches to reflect the company history. For close to 50 years, Carlisle was located at the Millville Air Base, in Millville, New Jersey, and it was the first Army air base in the United States. For example, the Black Widow, Wildcat, and Hellcat are all named after fire planes.

Carlisle also offers hand torches, and specializes in custom hand torches. The Universal hand torch is a great bargain, totally rebuild able, with a huge variety of tips, three nozzle sizes, plus custom nozzle options for different lengths or configurations you might need.

Carlisle also offers a full line of Bunsen Burners. Carlisle has also been known for the last 70 years as being the premiere Bunsen burner manufacturer in the United States. Carlisle manufactures all of their burners at their plant in Millville, New Jersey.

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