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Bullseye Glass Co.

Bullseye Glass is a top leading glass manufacturer in the US. It was founded by artists and entrepreneurs Dan Schweorer, Ray Ahlgren and Boyce Lundstrom in 1974. Today, Bullseye Glass Co. not only manufactures the most high quality glass available in the market but also provides a range of services and other offers including art classes and glass painting canvas.

Bullseye Glass is also a highly reputable and well-known supplier of raw art glass. It is also a forum for glass artists from all over the world. Bullseye Glass promotes artworks of different artists and also offers classes and courses at its teaching facility. It ensures its products are highly reliable and durable by putting them through multiple strict checkpoints.

The company has also collaborated with a number of renowned artists and firms to come up with better and modern ways of producing eye-catching glass art. Together, they have also created different materials and developed ways of adding color to the glass to make it more satisfying and to give it a fine finish.

There are hundreds of brands out there so you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, the wide variety makes it difficult and confusing for most people to choose the best products. If you plan to buy glass or other glass artwork related products, consider buying from Bullseye Glass Co. as you would get the maximum value for your money. Bullseye Glass Co. also manufactures and supplies kiln glass, allowing you to expand your creativity.

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