Tool Review, Arnold 141/3 ES, Not Your Typical Hand Torch

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January 6, 2023 at 6:00:23 AM PST January 6, 2023 at 6:00:23 AM PSTth, January 6, 2023 at 6:00:23 AM PST

There are three control knobs on these torches. One for the entire burners’ propane, and two for oxygen. While most all torches allow for inner and outer adjustment of propane, Arnold believes less control means the lampworker can further focus on their glass instead of making constant torch adjustments. Just turn on the propane to the burner, adjust the inner and outer oxygen, and away you go with the hottest and most direct flame available on a hand torch. If the outer fire is not needed the outer oxygen can be cut and the flame will die to just an inner fire with a propane flame roaring. Similar to other torches in that there is inner and outer control, but engineered with one less knob to work with.

We asked Herbert Arnold’s staff what makes this hand torch special, and they replied, “by means of the surface mix system, the burner is granting safety against backfire compared to the premix system and we achieve additional security as we have developed an improved version of our needle valves which have been proven over decades. These went through the TUV Product Service, an EC type examination. Therefore Arnold is the only manufacturer that can provide in accordance with EU guidelines certified valves for the installation in burners and gas supply systems in the glass industry. This new development will be used n all Arnold burners and will increase the safety of the user and the acceptance through inspecting Authorities. Furthermore, it is possible to individually supply the burners in two (2) different standard lengths and two (2) burner head angles, 90 and 110 degrees. Special lengths are also possible upon request.”

In general, whether you are looking to flare 50mm x 9mm tubing on a lathe, or just seal two small pieces together at the bench, this line of torches is adaptable for you!