Lewis Wilson Master Glassblower

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January 6, 2023 at 9:32:13 AM PST January 6, 2023 at 9:32:13 AM PSTth, January 6, 2023 at 9:32:13 AM PST

Learn to blow glass from one of the world’s premier Master Glass Blowers, Lewis Wilson.

Whether you are a beginner, or have a lot of experience Wilson will be able to teach you something new to expand your skill set.

If you want to learn everything about soft glass, Wilson provides the Encyclopedia of Soft Glass to not only get you started, but help you work soft glass like the masters.

Just as well, if hard glass is where you want to start, Master Wilson can guide you from basic to advanced techniques with the Encyclopedia of Hard Glass.

If you want to start accenting bigger pieces, or even just make smaller detailed pieces, you can get Wilson’s instructional on boro beads or glass bead making. Learning Wilson’s unique style of bead making will give you a more advanced set of techniques to use when creating your pieces.

Murrini Making is yet an even more advanced instructional video to expand your bead making knowledge base. Wilson specifically works with Moretti Rods and minor bench burners, so if you want to create mosaicsfaceswords, or any other type of MurriniABR Imagery has everything you need.

For those that want to make more personalized jewelry, Wilson expands into Lampworking beads, bracelets, and marbles.

Wilson also has Making Paperweights and Paperweight Techniques Using the Jen-Ken Electric Crucible Furnace to learn how to make other small trinkets that you can sell.

If you needed a Crucible kiln to get started, a Crucible pot, or even an upgrade, you can find whatever you need to keep up with Master Wilson.

For those that have made it to the higher levels of glass sculpture, but need a little guidance from a master, Wilson has the Sculptural Glass working series volumes 1-5.

He gets started in Sculptural Glass working 1 making simple geometric shapes and small animals.

Sculptural Glass working 2 is focused on small money making items like pendants, ear rings, napkin rings, and other wares.

In Sculptural Glass working 3 Wilson moves on to larger fantasy pieces like dragonsunicornsPegasus and more! Wilson will help you bring your creations to life and give them unique characteristics.

Sculptural Glass working 4 dives into the ocean and teaches you how to make creatures of the deep. Everything from dolphins, sharks and octopi to scuba divers will be covered in the two hour tutorial. Wilson’s explanations make mastering these techniques possible for anyone with the time to watch and listen.

If you make it this far and keep up with Wilson, you can pick up Sculptural Glass working 5 and learn to master making pieces that embody majestic wildlife. Master Wilson shows techniques for giraffe, deer, eagles and more!