ABR Imagery and the Apollo Ring Saw from Gemini Saw Co

Watch as Jesse demonstrates the Apollo Ring Saw from Gemini Saw Co.

The Apollo Ring Saw is a hybrid between Gemini’s Revolution XT and Taurus 3 saws.

The saw uses cartridges that allow for fast and easy switching without the use of any extra tools, or needing to make adjustments. You can swap out blades with a couple simple steps and be producing with another blade in seconds.

The tray slides forward and backward and uses magnetic angles that stick wherever they are placed on the tray horizontally or vertically which allows for many types of artisan cuts on your materials.

Several blade options make work a breeze. The double-sided sintered blade is diamond throughout making it very long lasting. This blade is used for cutting curves and will outlast all electroplated blades.

A big difference in sintered plated blades verses electroplated blades is that the speed at which it cuts its first day is the same speed that it will cut on its last day, no loss in performance or efficiency over time.

Works with a lot of mediums letting you enjoy the smooth as silk operation for straight cuts, angle cuts, miter cuts, and curve cuts, with a near polished finish. This blade even cuts on the tail allowing for more versatility while working your cuts.

This blade won’t hurt fingers, even when exposed completely, Jesse places his hand right on the running blade with 0 injury. It will cut fingernails though in case your old lady is complaining about needing her nails done.

More detailed scroll cuts can be made with the same blade the T3 uses, but now 30% faster. No compromise on performance, you can scroll cut Dalle de verre, cuts all glasses, stones, and more.

The rigid blade is designed for your straight cut needs. You can really lean on this blade because it is peripherally driven with a 1/3 horsepower motor turning at 5500 rpm. The 5500 rpm is also going right to the outside edge of the blade making it way stronger than typical tile saws or comparable saws. Various grit sizes let you get the right cut for the job at hand.

Easy to clean water bath underneath uses all four feet as drain options so you can drain it with ease, and is dishwasher safe.

Available at ABR Imagery.