Snub Nose Mirage Variable Adj Knob

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Glass Torch Technologies Snub Nose Mirage 2 Stage Bench Torch with Variable adjustment Knob

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The Variable ajdustment knob Mirage torch is a 2 stage torch that uses the powerful Lynx 7 Jet for the center fire and 2 rings of jets with a total of 33 jets for the outer fire. This completely surface mix torch uses the patented Triple Mix technology and 40 total jets to provide unparalleled power for all types of glass. The Variable adjustment knob allows you to have one handed control of your torch from center flame to largest flame you set your knob to. One handed control relieves you of the need for a foot pedal and allows you greater control of your burner. The Mirage comes standard with a 2 stud manifold that allows for the most leg room and least amount of hose under your bench. The Mirage comes with 1' of 3/16" hose and adaptors with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud. The adaptors have a barb that the 1/4" ID grade "T" hose slides over and is clamped securely. The Mirage is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table. Also included are complete instructions and cleaning kit.

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The Mirage is the one of the most popular of the 2 stage Triple Mix torches in the lineup. It is great for soft or hard glass with the ability to produce many flame types from a soft bushy flame to a hard driving flame. The flame chemistry that is achieved with the Triple Mix technology has a wide range including a fuel rich reduction flame, a neutral flame, an oxygen rich oxidizing flame, and an over-oxidizing flame. These flame types make any type, color or effect of glass easy to work and manipulate.

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