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The Paragon BlueBird XL is a dream kiln for the glass bead enthusiast. This 20” wide, 9” deep kiln safely anneals glass to prevent breakage during cooling. With your own Paragon annealing kiln, you will never again worry about glass breakage. The kiln opens doorways of opportunity in beadmaking. The 10” wide double doors give a total of 20” width for inserting bead rods. This kiln is ideal for seminar teachers. It is like having two kilns instead of one. The BlueBird XL has a user-friendly 3-key Sentry Xpress digital controller. It maintains the annealing temperature that you program for the length of time desired. The controller is packed with features but is so easy to use that your child could program it. Firebrick Walls and Floor, Ceramic Fiber Roof The BlueBird XL has durable insulating firebricks in the walls and floor. The element is mounted in the roof and embedded between two layers of ceramic fiber board. This reduces dust inside the kiln. (Note: The BlueBird XL is fired at the Paragon factory before the outside metal is painted. This is to harden the liquid rigidizer on the ceramic fiber insulation. This may leave black or brown marks on the insulation. These marks are normal.) Customize the Doors The BlueBird XL now comes with two types of doors: a 10” x 4” short door and a 10” x 4 1/4” tall door. The 10” x 4” short door has a 1/2” gap under the door and includes a double mandrel holder. Place bead rods on the mandrel holder, which cradles the rods at two points. Because of the gap, the door remains closed even with bead mandrels in the kiln. Adjust the height of the mandrel holder by loosening screws underneath. The bottom of the 10” x 4 1/4” tall door, in the closed position, is flush against the kiln floor. An adjustable bead mandrel holder supports the bead mandrels at a single point. The standard BlueBird XL comes with a short door on the left and tall door on the right. However, you can order your kiln with two short doors or two tall doors. The doors are interchangeable, so you can reverse the doors of a standard BlueBird XL later. As you can see, this is a versatile kiln. Door Latches Keep Doors Closed; Magnets Hold Doors Open Side latches hold the doors closed while the kiln is heating to annealing temperature. Phenolic knobs on the door handles stay cool to the touch. Rare-earth magnets hold the doors open when needed. A safety switch on the front panel turns off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use. We have added a stainless steel glass rod warmer on top of the kiln. Pre-heating glass rods saves production time. Heavy-Duty Construction The steel base supports the kiln in two layers. The upper steel base supports and strengthens the firebrick floor; the lower steel base covers the entire kiln bottom where it rests on your worktable. Electrical components are mounted to the lower base, away from the heat of the firing chamber. To save table space, the Sentry Xpress digital controller is mounted under the kiln in an ergonomic sloped panel for easy operation. The built-in base stays cool even during extended hold times for the long life of the electrical system. It is slotted to dissipate heat and comes with mar-proof plastic feet. The Blue Bird XL plugs into a standard household outlet. The kiln ships by convenient UPS. It ships in a special carton with vacuum-formed padding to assure that the kiln will arrive safely. And, of course, the BlueBird XL is made in America to exacting standards. The kiln is coated with durable high-temperature water base paint, which produces low emissions during spraying. This is better for our employees and the environment. Features of the BlueBird XL • 3-key digital Sentry Xpress controller • 1 each 4” high short door and 4 1/4” high tall door for the ultimate in versatility • Door latches to hold the doors closed while fusing glass • 9” deep firing chamber (measured with doors closed) • Firebrick roof, walls, and floor • 1”-thick ceramic fiber doors • Mandrel holders with 20 slots • 1500°F maximum temperature • Pinless element grooves in the roof • Coated firebricks in roof • Mar-proof plastic feet • On-off safety switch Max Temperature: 1500F (815C) Amps: 14 Phase: 1 Watts: 1700 Nema details: 5-15R 1 3/8” dia. Breaker Size: 20 Circuit Copper Wire Size: 12 gauge TUV Tested to CSA and UL Standard 499: Yes CE: Yes IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns. Control Type: Sentry Xpress 4.0 Digital 3-key Voltage: 120 Hertz: 60 Kiln Type: Front Loading Square Sides: 4 Inner Dimensions Chamber Volume: .47 Cubic Ft. (13.31 Litres) Chamber Width: 20.00” (508mm) Chamber Depth: 9.00” (229mm) Chamber Height: 4.50” (114mm) Outer Dimension Outer Size: 25.50”W x 19.00”D x 16.00”H Ship Weight: 90.00 Lbs. Ship size: 33.00W x 27.00D x 22.00H Inches

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