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Oxygen Frog Legacy 220

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“Oxygen frog has saved me! Ever since I got my machine, I can work on my big projects late at night without ever having to worry about my oxygen running out. Scott’s customer service is impeccable and I know that if I ever have a problem he’ll be there to help.“-- Lacey 'LaceFace' Walton.

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THIS IS A DROP SHIPPED OR SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. PLEASE CONTACT OR LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS BOX REQUESTING ESTIMATED WAIT TIME FOR SHIPPING The Legacy 220 is the flagship of Oxygen Frog’s DIY style line of oxygen systems. The Legacy 220 has enough power to provide oxygen for even mid-sized production studios with multiple torch stations. When combined with 8 oxygen concentrators, the Legacy 220 will deliver the equivalent of 6 K tanks worth of oxygen every 8 hours. That is the equivalent of a 240 liter liquid dewar, in 40 hours of operation. The Legacy 220 operates very similar to an air compressor, when the tank gets low, it comes on automatically begins to refill the tank with oxygen, while you work. The Legacy 220 features a digital pressure control and a Restart Protocol switch. The Restart Protocol allows the user to easily change the restart pressure from ‘Mild’, restart at 80 psi, and ‘Aggressive’ restart at 110 psi. The Aggressive setting causes the system to begin the tank refill earlier in the compression cycle to maximize the available oxygen inventory in the surge tank. Like all of Oxygen Frog products, the Legacy 220 has exclusive Active Compression Control (ACC) technology which prevents oxygen purity degradation through the compression cycle and also extends compressor service life. The Legacy 220 also has a ‘warm up delay’ in which the concentrators are given a moment to come up to purity before the oxygen is compressed into the surge tank. The result is purity and reliability advantages that the competition just does not offer. The Legacy 220 is fully automatic, and runs much like an air compressor. Just set it up and forget it, the Legacy will make sure you always have a steady supply of very pure oxygen, on-demand. The Legacy HPC by Oxygen Frog is the perfect oxygen solution for mid-size production studios with multiple stations. The performance of OxygenFrog systems is strongly dependent on the quality of the oxygen that is fed to it. If the OxygenFrog is fed low quality oxygen, it will degrade the purity of the oxygen that is ultimately fed to your torch. Therefore, OxygenFrog does not recommend the use of modified oxygen concentrators. Please use only unmodified factory brands such as Respironics, AirSep, Millenium, Invacare, DeVilbiss, Everflo, Sequal, Regalia, etc. Properly reconditioned machines are just fine. Your torch will thank you. Oxygen Frog products require the use of oxygen clean, air compressor tanks to store oxygen for intermittent high oxygen usage surges. 60 gallons is the minimum recommended size. K tanks, or other high pressure cylinders are not well suited for this application. Oxygen Frog products do not fill K tanks.


-Requires a 220 VAC 30 amp outlet. -125 psi max pressure, 80 psi or 110 psi user selectable restart pressure. -Capable of running mid-sized production studios. -20 lpm to 80 lpm of oxygen generation, the equivalent of up to 6 K tanks every 8 hours.

Other Required Equipment:

-Requires two to eight, 10 lpm concentrators. -Requires an oxygen clean, air compressor tank, at least 60 gallons. Larger studios will require larger or multiple tanks.

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