GM-1414 Kiln 240V

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THIS IS A DROP SHIPPED OR SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. PLEASE CONTACT OR LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS BOX REQUESTING ESTIMATED WAIT TIME FOR SHIPPING A 208V version of this model is also available upon request. Check out item code SkuttGM1414VW for this item with a viewing window! Three phase will be an extra $50. Please let us know or we will assume you are getting single phase. Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use • The GlassMaster Controller is the only controller on the market with GlassFire Mode. GlassFire Mode allows you to run a program simply by entering the type of effect you want: Fuse, Tack Fuse or Slump and a speed based on the size and thickness of the project. It really is that easy and it works on most projects. • If you prefer to write your own firing programs simply use the Ramp/Hold programming mode which can store up to 8 of your custom programs with up to 8 Segments. When you are ready to use one of your stored programs just load it and press start. • Built in Diagnostics give you or Skutt’s technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses. • There is also an additional lid lifter option for $475 when purchasing the unit or $600 when sold separately. Balanced Elements • As most of you probably already know, glass is very susceptible to uneven heating. The more uneven the heat is in the kiln chamber, the slower you need to fire the kiln. Side fired kiln owners understand this, and are willing to trade the disadvantages of having to slow their programs down for advantages of being able to fire on multiple levels. Skutt’s Studio Kiln Series have lid elements and side elements. This does not mean you can fire on multiple levels. The side elements are there to replenish heat on the bottom of the kiln. This not only keeps the shelf warm (which is important), it also provides for uniform heat top to bottom for artists working with deep molds and drop molds. Chamber Capacity Approximately 13.5 in. x 42 in. opening and 18.5 in. high: 6.7 cubic feet. Shipping Dimensions: 42" L x 56" W x 42" H (57.17 CuFt) 310 lbs.

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