GM-10F 115V Bead Kiln

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THIS IS A DROP SHIPPED OR SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. PLEASE CONTACT OR LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS BOX REQUESTING ESTIMATED WAIT TIME FOR SHIPPING Three phase will be an extra $50. Please let us know or we will assume you are getting single phase. Check out SkuttGM10FVW for this model of kiln with a viewing window! Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use The GlassMaster Controller is the only controller on the market with GlassFire Mode. GlassFire Mode allows you to run a program simply by entering the type of effect you want: Fuse, Tack Fuse or Slump and a speed based on the size and thickness of the project. It really is that easy and it works on most projects. If you prefer to write your own firing programs simply use the Ramp/Hold programming mode which can store up to 8 of your custom programs with up to 8 Segments. When you are ready to use one of your stored programs just load it and press start. Built in Diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses. Active Keys allow you to make adjustments to the program while it is running based on a visual inspection. The Anneal Now key allows you to skip to the annealing phase of the program with a single key press. Add Time allows you to add 5 minutes to the final heating segment of the program if your project needs more time and Add Temp allow you to increase the temperature in the final heating segment if you want the glass to get hotter. Current Sensing Technology Skutt is one of the few brands that installs a Current Sensor in every GlassMaster Kiln. This allows you to read the Amperage of each section of the kiln as well as the Voltage and Voltage Under Load. Now with the touch of a few buttons you can give those readings over the phone to your kiln repair technician so they can troubleshoot the problem and make sure they have the correct parts when they come out for the repair. This Saves Time and Money. Prior to the use of these current sensors someone would have to come to your house and test the amperage and voltage inside the control box with live wires exposed. This system is Much Safer. Bead Door The Bead door is constructed of solid brick for maximum insulation. The bead door is connected by heavy duty counterbalanced arm with a wood handle that stays cool no matter what the temperature is inside of the kiln. The action is smooth and the hardware is robust. This thing is bullet proof enough to hold up under any classroom setting. The bead door is optional, so be sure to tell your distributor you want it. Protective Baffles Electrocuting your customers is not a good business practice…plus we like you. That is why all GM10F kilns come with perforated baffles to cover the elements. A good idea since the mandrels you guys are blindly placing in the kiln are MADE OF METAL..don’t you think? They are held in place firmly by channels cut in the brick and can be slid out when it is time to change elements. The Thermocouple Thin-walled inconel cover equals faster reaction time and higher accuracy. Easy and quick to replace. GM818, GM1018. and GM1227 all come with Zone Control. Since these kilns are designed to fire on multiple levels we place a thermocouple in each section to keep the temperature uniform from top to bottom. The Warranty Unlike most warranties, ours covers Parts AND Labor. Never Pro-Rated. Serviced by the most extensive, knowledgeable and talented distributor network in the industry. Backed by a company whose mission statement is “We help you make great things”. When your kiln is down, you can’t make great things. Not Just For Beads The GM10F is not only a great bead kiln, it also makes a great little fusing, metal clay, and heat treating kiln for custom knife makers. The side elements allow you to post up shelves and fire your pieces on multiple levels. So, if you are making jewelry you can get a whole lot of product in there. Imagine three 8? x 9? shelves full of stuff, that’s how much you can get in there! Chamber Capacity Approximately 10 in. x 9 in. opening and 9 in. high: 0.45 cubic feet. Shipping Dimensions: 23" L x 29" W x 27" H (10.42 CuFt) 85 lbs.

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