Firekist 3/8" 180 Degree Swivel

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Firekist 3/8" 180 Degree Swivel

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These are the double sided, stainless steel swivels everyone have been talking about! These swivels are made in the USA in Rochester, MN. 304 Stainless will not rust under normal use. Don't put them in bleach, strong acid, or, we've been told, blood. (304 is a slightly magnetic stainless, but don't expect to be able to hold your swivel up with a magnet) This also means the swivel is lightweight.

Manufacturer's Care Instructions:

Clean with soap and water every 3-6 months then immediately lubricate with lightweight oil. 3 in 1 is fine. This keeps the water from drying and causing hard water buildup. If your water is especially hard wash with rubbing alcohol. If you've gotten hard water buildup try soaking the swivel overnight in vinegar.

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This item is sold individually.

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