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THIS IS A DROP SHIPPED OR SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. PLEASE CONTACT OR LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS BOX REQUESTING ESTIMATED WAIT TIME FOR SHIPPING Paragon Xpress-1613-3 The 3" wall Xpress-1613-3 kiln is designed for porcelain, so it easily fires ceramics, china paint, decals, and gold. The size is ideal for teachers of china paint or dolls. The 8-sided, 16 ½” wide and 13 ¼” deep interior is as tall as standard 7-sided kilns. The Xpress-1613-3 kiln is 43% larger than the 66-3 series, yet costs only a few dollars more. The Xpress-1613-3 plugs into a 30 amp, 240 volt outlet. (The kiln is also available for international electrical systems.) It uses 6400 watts of power, more watts per cubic foot than conventional kilns. The extra wattage helps compensate for aging elements or low voltage. This extra power is ample for cone 10 and, if desired, rapid heating. Elements last longer, because the extra wattage and thicker 3" firebricks help the elements reach porcelain temperatures without strain. Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns. Elements are seated in dropped, recessed brick grooves. Costly heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation. The thermocouple, which senses temperature inside the kiln, is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life. A switch on the front panel turns off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use. The controller is mounted near the top of the switch box for easy access. The peepholes, both sides of the lid and top rim of sidewall firebrick are hardened and sealed with a special refractory coating to protect the ware from dust. The heavy gauge stainless steel case is cold-rolled to the shape of the kiln for a tight fit. A heavy galvanized steel base covers the reversible brick bottom completely. It folds up under the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last. A kiln stand is included at no extra charge. The stand is complete with mar-proof plastic feet and tall enough to accommodate the optional Orton Vent Master. The Xpress-1613-3 is proudly made in America to exacting standards. The switch box has a durable high temperature, water-base finish. We chose water-base paint because of the low emissions during spraying. This creates a safer working environment for our employees and cuts down on pollution. Features of the Xpress-1613-3 • Long-life electrical system • Lock-in lid support with a positive catch • Wide-view tapered peepholes • Ventilated, louvered switch box • Two hand lifts • Heavy duty kiln stand with mar-proof plastic feet accommodates optional Orton KilnVent • Full-formed, galvanized steel base • Fall-away two stage Prop-R-Vent • Coated lid, peepholes and rim of firebricks • Heavy gauge stainless steel case • Reversible brick bottom • Dropped, recessed brick grooves, which eliminate element pins The Sentry Xpress 3-key controller is packed with features. The controller fires in Cone-Fire and 8-segment Ramp-Hold modes. Features of the Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller for Ceramic Kilns • Fire to a pyrometric cone by merely entering cone number and slow, medium or fast speed. • Program Review lets you check the program you are about to fire. • • Program the Temperature Alarm to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Set the alarm to remind yourself to close a vented lid. • Design Ramp-Hold programs with up to 8 segments (steps). • Skip a segment in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. • Hold (soak) the temperature in both Cone-Fire and Ramp-Hold. Experiment with Hold to improve color saturation of china paints. • Control both heating and cooling in Ramp-Hold. • Add Hold Time during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. • Change the target temperature in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram. • Temperature display throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C • Thermocouple Offset adjusts the thermocouple readout. • Set the Delay to turn on the kiln later to suit your schedule. • Error Messages report mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, stuck relay or broken element. • 12 Month Warranty • LED Lights show whether you are in program, review, or firing mode. • Colorful, illustrated instruction manual. Download it from the “Additional Information” section below to review these features in more detail. Max Temperature: 2350F (1287C) Amps: 27 Phase: 1 Watts: 6400 Nema details: 6-30R Breaker Size: 30 Circuit Copper Wire Size: 10 gauge TUV Tested to CSA and UL Standard 499: Yes CE: No IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns. Control Type: Sentry Xpress 4.0 Digital 3-Key Voltage: 240 Hertz: 60 Kiln Type: Top Loading Round Sides: 8 Inner Dimensions Chamber Volume: 1.75 Cubic Ft. (49.55 Litres) Chamber Width: 16.50” (419mm) Chamber Depth: 13.25” (337mm) Outer Dimension Outer Size: 25.50”W x 28.50”D x 29.00”H Ship Weight: 171.00 Lbs (77.57 Kg.)

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