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Taglia Large Titanium Reamer with Thin Short Handle


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Taglia is adding another great too to their versitile variable head tool system! The Large Titamium Reamer is a reamer that is strong enough for you to use all day and not wear out! We strongly suggest using <a href="https://www.abrimagery.com/store/product_info.php/aquadag-colloidal-graphite-coating-p-96035" style="color:blue;"> Aquadag</a> to help make your experience that much better.

- Manufactured in Indiana


Manufacturer Notes:


-T6061 Aluminum working end components and brass pommel create lighter, more balanced feel providing maximum tactile feedback.


-Gold anodized, 3D engraved hilt and jam bushing.


-Standard thread accepts any Taglia tool end and promotes interchangeability


-Triple stained, triple clear coated walnut handles resist swelling/splitting and increase longevity.


-C46400 naval brass pommel is upgradeable to customize balance or accepts Taglia pommel stamp kit.


-All components are individually replaceable.


Item’s Recommended Uses:

This item is used to open up holes, flare tubes, and shape joints.


How It’s Sold:

This item is sold individually.


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