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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 February, 2009.

    Deluxe Electric Mandrels Spinner
    [DeluxeEMS ]

    Price:  $319.95 / EA

    Unit of Measure
    EA $319.95
    This one is larger and has more torque. It also spins a little slower than the regular EMS and will hold 1/16" mandrels up to and slightly over 1/4". There are 9 sleeves holding mandrels as small as 1/16" and as large as 1/4". It comes in one shaft size with an Upgrade 2 Power Box. An excellent tool for those of you who are using larger mandrels or who want to use the spinner to turn glass rods instead of mandrels. The Deluxe EMS is larger than the regular EMS. This comes with the POWER Box 2. Owners of the regular ems2.1 can buy the deluxe mandrel spinner without the power box.

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