Gryphon Corp C40 Tall Saw Available at ABR Imagery

Gryphon is a US based abrasive tool manufacturer. Gryphon offers everything from grinders to ring saws, band saws, the omni saw, wet belt sanders, and more.

Gryphon products is an American company and all products are manufactured by US hands.

Gryphon’s newest saw is the C40 Tall. While similar to the old C40, the new C40 is taller with a deeper throat so you can work larger objects, such as large bottles.

Safe saw for your fingers, in case you accidently touch the blade while running, it will not cut you. Abrasive tools are very safe.

What’s nice about the C40 is you have the option to cut bottles and patterns, and you’re not limited to just one type of cutting.

Use the C40 for anything your artistic mind can imagine. Get Yours Today!